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Cotton Candy Instruction

Making cotton candy for the first time can be intimidating but it really isn’t hard. After spinning your first cotton candy, you will be the party pro!

Safety Precautions – We value your continued safety above all else. Please follow these guidelines when using your equipment to prevent injury and maximize product performance:

  • No direct contact to equipment by the general public should be allowed when used in food service locations. Only trained personnel should operate this equipment. Carefully read any and all instructions before beginning operation of the equipment.
  • Floss head reaches high speeds during operation. To avoid injury, Never place body parts or objects near the floss head assembly while motor is running. Please keep spectators away. We are not responsible for any injuries that may occur due to failure to follow safety precautions.
  • Never make alterations to the equipment.
  • Machine must be properly grounded to prevent electrical shock.
  • Do not immerse any other part of this equipment in water. Doing so may damage equipment and prevent it from working properly.
  • Always unplug equipment before cleaning or servicing to prevent electric shock.

Operating Instructions

Be sure equipment is connected to a properly grounded 120 volt power supplywith a 15 amp circuit.


  1. Press the motor switch to the ON position.
  2. Fill the spinner head with the desired amount of sugar floss. Never fill the head past the bottom level of the filler spout.
  3. Press the heat switch to the ON position.
  4. Turn the heat control knob to high heat setting.
  5. Once floss starts to flow out of the head, reduce the heat control (too high of a setting will cause cutting of the floss and potentially clog the head screen)
  6. When the amount of floss that is produced starts to slow, add more sugar. Do not adjust the heat control knob setting.

Shutting Down

1. Press the heat switch to the OFF position.

2. Wait 3-5 minutes for the spinner head to cool down.

3. Press the motor switch to the OFF position.

4. In case of a malfunction, immediately shut-off the motor and heat switches and correct the problem.


Bad vibration: Check to make sure there are no sugar lumps in the spinning head Motor does not operate, but heater is operating: Motor protection has tripped off. Wait one minute and re-start.

Floss is being formed with clumps of sugar or floss is forming, but being cut: Heat control is set at too high.

Head is full of sugar but no floss comes out: Check the settings of heat switch and heat control. Empty head and follow routine cleaning instructions.

Cleaning Procedure

  1. Make sure the unit is turned off for 3-5 minutes before cleaning.
  2. Remove the plastic bubble and clean with warm water and dish detergent. Wipe with a soft dish cloth. DO NOT USE ANY TYPE OF SCRUB BRUSH, BRILLOPAD, ETC. This will scratch and damage the plastic bubble. Dry with a clean, soft towel.
  3. Remove the metal bowl and plastic mesh insert and wash with warm water and dish detergent. Please use a soft dish cloth. The sugar will dissolve in warm water. Dry with a clean, soft towel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my cotton candy machine produce?

Cotton candy is unique in that production is based largely on operator skill. You may be able to produce anywhere from 100-200 cotton candy cones per hour, based on practice.

How much spun sugar will I use?

One cone will hold approximately 1 oz. of spun cotton candy. One 18-inch plastic bag will hold 2 oz. of spun cotton candy, or the equivalent of two cones. You should then be able to bag anywhere from 50-100 cones per hour, or 25-50 bags per hour, depending on your skill.

How many cones will a case of floss sugar produce?

Pre-made floss sugar comes in 3 lb. container. This will make about 60-70c ones of spun cotton candy.

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