Extreme Party Innovations was started back in 2008 when then Scott was serving as a scout master. Every year his scouts were required to earn money to pay for camp. At one point Scott had the opportunity to obtain several inflatables and presented the idea to the scouts and their parents of forming a company that they would run, renting out these inflatables. With that the company were born. The scouts took on all the responsibilities of running the business under Scott’s guidance. Selling, delivering, setting up, and cleaning the product. Advertising and marketing. Collecting and book keeping. The scouts did it all. The company took off and the next year the young women in the area wanted in so they joined the adventure. It grew and grew and started making more money than the kids needed, so they convinced Scott to expand by buying another inflatable company. At about the same time, Scott was teaching a business class at a local university. He saw that many of his young adult students did not know the meaning of work or how to succeed in business. He added them to the mix and the company flourished to what it is today.
Here at Extreme Party Innovations, we serve Southern Idaho and all of Utah Northern Nevada, Eastern Wyoming. We offer a variety of choices for larger and more extreme inflatables than anyone else. Our inflatables, interactives, entertainers and carnival games are geared towards kids of all ages.
We pride ourselves in maintaining high levels of quality and safety protocols from setting up the inflatables, to cleaning and disinfecting each unit before and after use. We have a party tech on-site to make sure the equipment works well, but our service doesn’t stop there. We also entertain and engage the kids, making sure they are having the greatest time.